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If you are a denture wearer, Premier Denture Center is about you. Whether you are a potential first time denture wearer, need a replacement set, are in need of serious denture corrections or you have dental denture problems, your concern is our primary focus. As professionals, we exist to serve you and your denture needs. Through years of experience and training, we have obtained success in countless denture, partial denture and immediate dentures. We have listed some of them for your personal enlightenment, however, these are only the tip of the iceberg; you can learn a great deal more by visiting us for a free comprehensive evaluation.

New Dentures

If you are contemplating new dentures we are here to provide answers to questions concerning expectations and apprehensions, whether you already have had your teeth extracted or are planning to have your dentures made prior to your teeth being extracted. Dentures that are inserted into your mouth directly after extractions are called immediate dentures.

Immediate Dentures and Tooth Extractions

Inserting dentures immediately after extractions is very common practice. Many patients have their dentures inserted the same day their teeth are extracted. Our first step will be to provide you with an evaluation, orientation and a question and answering session. It is best to plan ahead so that our surgeon and denture provider can coordinate a personalized treatment plan. With your assistance, we will determine a treatment that will fit your needs and allow enough time to custom manufacture your dentures and schedule your extraction as well as denture insertion appointment accordingly. After your teeth have been extracted and your new teeth are finally inserted into your mouth, we not only give you a thorough orientation, but invite you back at anytime for follow-up support and additional adjustments as needed.

Replacement Dentures

Those who are seeking to replace their current set may have been through one or two previous sets. These denture wearers are usually looking to reproduce desirable characteristics of an existing set or may want their provider to make improvements. Premier Denture Center has the experience, artistic talent and facilities to meet these kinds of challenges, no matter how difficult.

Cosmetic Dentures

Unlike many denture providers, we make sure appearance is a top priority for our patients by accomplishing a more youthful and natural life-like smile. This enhances your overall look by literally having a facelift with our new cosmetic dentures. We assist our patients, using a mirror, to make every expression possible, such as: smiling frowning, laughing, talking, pronouncing words, thus making sure of an improved life-like smile.

Partial Dentures

With today’s technology, partials come in different styles and designs; deriving from various materials. They are made of cured acrylic resin or highly biocompatible metal alloy. Another kind of partial dentures are flexible partials made from materials similar to nylon. These partials can be worn successfully without any metal at all. Partials are specially designed to enhance the longevity and health of your remaining natural teeth, yet they are extremely life-like to onlookers. A comprehensive evaluation is the most critical ingredient for personalized success and longevity, however success of various designs and types of partial dentures vary greatly from one individual to another.

Problematic Dentures

Problematic dentures are dentures that for some reason, give you problems. They could be too loose, too tight, full of sharp spots, cause gagging, not allowing you to chew your favorite foods, not staying in well or a host of other problems. We have experience in identifying and remedying these kinds of problems.

Lower Dentures

We incorporate special techniques and impressions that enhance retention, stability and comfort of lower dentures successfully providing positive results for patients who have trouble keeping their lower dentures snug.

Denture Stability

Denture stability begins with comfortable and snuggly fitting upper dentures, instilling confidence in denture wearers when they smile, speak and eat their favorite foods. With today’s technology, achieving that is relatively easy. Lower dentures will never fit and function correctly without the upper dentures first having adequate retention.

Denture Comfort

Many conditions interfere with comfort in wearing dentures. The dentures could be too tight, too loose, rough, overextended in one of its borders or a host of other problems. The patient could be hyper sensitive to the dentures or maybe to the materials that the dentures are made from. Premier Denture Center is experienced in providing solutions that work.

Denture Materials

There are vast arrays of denture materials that in the hands of experienced denture providers can achieve many positive results in denture care. Our highly experienced denturist is quite knowledgeable of these materials; also having well rounded backgrounds pertaining to modern materials and successful track records in utilizing them to produce positive results.

Our team has unsurpassed knowledge and experience in denture care, however, all of that is to no avail if your best interest isn’t our first priority. Rest assured that we are here to serve your needs to the best of our ability. We will always take the time to listen to our denture clients and use our professional skills so that they will ultimately look good, feel good and be able to enjoy their favorite foods. We treat all of our denture patients like family.


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