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If you are inquiring about dentures, you came to the right place. Dentures and partial dentures and related services are all we do. We have over twenty five years of expertise in denture care along with the most successful technology in denture care. Our custom manufacturing experience, our in-house denture laboratory facility, along with our compassion to serve you, allows us to meet all of your personal denture expectations. We assure each of our denture patients that they will be fitted comfortably with the highest quality natural life-like dentures or partial dentures possible.

Many who seek our services, are either needing dentures for the first time or are seeking to replace what they are currently wearing. Additionally, others were never satisfied with their current dentures. Depending on the circumstances, each may need a different approach. That is where well-rounded expertise becomes paramount. Our expertise in denture materials, selecting proper tooth colors, shapes and sizes, how to make dentures fit comfortably and stay in better without implants or messy adhesives and how to help you speak proficiently and enjoy your favorite foods is our business.

We cordially invite you to call us no matter what questions you may have or to ask about our free comprehensive evaluation. You can count on us to take the necessary time to listen to your concerns and to treat you in a thorough well rounded manner on each of your visits, even if you happen to be one that needs extensive care. We not only have the rare ability to deliver, but we also have the desire to please. We live by our pledge to enhance all of our patients? health, happiness, appearance and confidence and we believe that just as important as having years added to your life is to have life added to your years.

“A Perfect For You Smile”

— Premier Denture Center

About Our Services

Denture Services

At Premier Denture Center, our highly skilled denturist builds dentures that fit and function comfortably using the latest technology. This technology not only works on new dentures but can be applied to old dentures as well. This technology also makes dentures stay in securely without the use of messy adhesives. Incorporating quality denture services like these allows us to meet denture wearers highest expectations.

At Premier Denture Center, our denture services include Personalized Cosmetic Dentures to obtain the most natural looking aesthetics in upper and lower dentures; so natural that no one will be able to tell they are dentures. This assures denture wearers of a more youthful life-like appearance.

We provide free comprehensive denture evaluations, with absolutely no obligation. To achieve the finest results, we evaluate our denture patients thoroughly to determine the denture services and techniques that will give our patients optimum personalized results in fit, function, speech and appearance. Additionally, to reach our treatment goals, we incorporate the most effective individualized denture services and techniques.

Premier Denture Center has tooth selections of over 100 shades, molds and sizes including extra white shades; available in complete dentures or partial dentures.

Among our quality denture services, we incorporate the equa-bite system, centric tracing system and the check-byte system as well as the finest impression techniques available for outstanding denture stability.

Premier Denture Center not only makes dentures that give their patients superior results, they offer the best and most famous denture services and techniques such as BPS, Ivoclar dentures and Trubyte-EPF dentures. We also make precision partial dentures, flexible partial dentures, Vitallium partial dentures and Acrylic design partial dentures for superior natural tooth preservation and the most natural cosmetic blending effects available; thus making you look and feel like you do not wear dentures or partials at all.

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Premier Denture Center in Mill Creek WA is located 15 minutes to an hour from Everett WA, Seattle WA, Edmonds, Woodinville, Bothell, Monroe, Snohomish, Lynnwood, Kirkland, Mukilteo, Mountlake Terrace, Maltby and in North West WA (Northwestern)