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Herman Castaneda understands that properly fitting dentures not only help show off a perfect smile but also ensure that the men and women who wear them can take part in their daily activities, from speaking to eating. To help you achieve the perfect fit, Herman offers professional relines through Premier Denture Center in Mill Creek, located in Mill Creek, Lynnwood, and Everett Washington. If you find your dentures don’t fit as well as they used to, schedule an appointment to see if it might be time for a reline. Online scheduling is available, or you can stop by or call the office.

Denture Relines Q & A

What is a denture reline?

Relining dentures helps your dentures sit more securely on your gums. Herman Castaneda does this by adding material to the part of your dentures that touches your gums and soft tissue. After a quality reline, your dentures should be more stable and will remain in place throughout the day.

While an online search may produce do-it-yourself reline kits, a denture reline should be left to professionals like Herman Castaneda.

Should I reline my dentures or rebase them?

Relining your dentures is often better than rebasing them. While a reline only replaces the material that touches your gums, a rebase replaces all of the material that makes up the base of your dentures.

If your gums have changed shape, but your dentures are in otherwise good condition, only a reline of your dentures is required. Because a reline doesn't replace the entire base of your dentures, relining your dentures is less expensive than rebasing them.

What’s the process for relining dentures?

Relining your dentures begins with a thorough examination by Herman Castaneda, Not only is Herman checking to see how well your dentures fit, but he's ensuring that your gum tissue is healthy enough to proceed with the relining process.

The health of your gums is critical for making an accurate impression for your relined dentures. Often, a set of ill-fitting dentures can create an unhealthy set of gums; if this is the case, Herman may first advise you to improve your gum health.

Once your gums are healthy enough to continue, Herman will create a mold of your gums. That mold will eventually become the new base of your dentures.